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Internationale Studierende

International MA Program

The M.A. programs in Applied Literary and Cultural Studies and Applied Linguistics are bilingual, meaning that the languages of instruction are English and German. You need to be able to participate in classes, write and communicate in both languages fluently. The central requirement for admission into either M.A. program is that you must have studied both those fields, English/American Studies and German, before and on a level that goes further than a language course.

If you would like to study Applied Linguistics (M.A.), you should have ideally taken classes focusing on such topics as language analysis, history of language, language acquisition or discourse analysis both in English and in German during your B.A..

If you would like to study Applied Literary and Cultural Studies, you should have ideally taken classes focusing on such topics as English/American Literature and Culture, Cultural History and classes focusing on working with analyzing literary texts in both English and German during your B.A.. 

In addition, you need to have studied a minor. In many cases, we are rather flexible with this requirement because we can often recognize the liberal arts or science requirements you have taken during your B.A. as minor.  Moreover, you need to show proof that you have completed an internship in the cultural arena during your B.A.. If this proof is missing, you can certainly complete this requirement as part of your M.A. studies.

Generally, admission under additional conditions is possible; however, minimum standards must have been reached before any admission is possible. If you would like a more specific evaluation of your chances to be admitted, please send ahead a Transcript of Records. A scan will be enough at this point.

For international students, the official admission process is handled via the International Office. If you would like to know more about that, please check here.

For further information, please contact the coordination office.